Understanding your Membership

/Understanding your Membership
Understanding your Membership 2015-09-10T11:08:05+00:00

Congratulations on your new Darque Tan Membership! Listed below are some details regarding memberships!



This is only a summary of some of the important terms and conditions of all memberships.

This is NOT all-inclusive and additional terms and conditions may apply. Please reference your membership agreement.


Freeze: If you are not on an annual contract, you may freeze your account for 30 to 60 days as often as desired, but not for 3 consecutive months.

Pays to Stay: You may join our “It Pays to Stay” program that will keep your account active to avoid future signup fees. This is billed at $5 a month until you reactivate your account



  • New memberships (or upgraded memberships) require at least one billing cycle to occur before canceling, downgrading or putting an account on hold.
  • All accounts are billed monthly on or around the 16th of each month to the account information provided to us.
  • The actual billed amount will include the price of your membership plus an local, state, or federal taxes until you cancel in accordance with the agreement you signed.
  • Month-to-Month memberships will continue until you cancel the membership or put it on hold with one of the options above.
  • If you are on an annual contract membership, your account will be billed for a minimum of 12 months and will continue on a month-to-month basis at the monthly rate of your membership (+ taxes) until you cancel in accordance with the agreement you signed.
  • These are unlimited use memberships, therefore refunds will not be given based on decreased usage or lack of usage of services. You are free to use your included services at your discretion.  The amount of included services you use in a given month does not affect your amount due for the month.
  • An annual fee of $25 will be billed to your account and will continue to be billed on or around the anniversary of that date each year thereafter until you cancel in accordance with the agreement you signed. Please contact Customer Service, or your salon, to inquire about the exact date for your annual fee as it can vary from customer to customer.
  • A $10 service fee will be applied for each month your Monthly Membership Fee or Annual Membership Fee is returned uncollectible for reasons including, but not limited to, non-sufficient funds, expired credit cards, cancelled credit cards, overdrafts, and closed accounts.
  • As a service to members who provide a credit or debit card as a form of payment, we reserve the right to bill expired credit or debit cards and/or obtain new expiration dates from card issuers who make these dates available until a member has cancelled in accordance with their signed agreement or revoked their authorization to bill with their financial institution.



  • To cancel your monthly membership and stop the billing (on the 16th of the month), the salon requires written notification by the 10th of the month. We are unable to process cancellations after the 10th of the month.
  • If your monthly membership has a minimum term, and you wish to cancel your membership early, a 1-month buy out fee is required with your cancellation.
  • In order to cancel your membership prior to the billing of the Annual Fee, the salon requires written notice on or before the 10th of the previous month. The annual fee is fully earned when received and is non-refundable.



  • Lotion purchases are non-refundable.
  • Unused package balances are non-refundable and non-transferrable.