5 Steps to Tanning Awesomeness

//5 Steps to Tanning Awesomeness

5 Steps to Tanning Awesomeness

By: Ali Prejean


The typical tanner walks into a tanning salon just wanting to hop into a bed and get bronzed. A slightly educated tanner knows that they should be using a lotion to accelerate their tanning process and keep their skin hydrated. However, a Darque Tan tanner should know that tanning lotions come in family of fives! The Family of Five helps to accelerate and build a deeper, darker tan more quickly. They also help to maintain that color for as long as possible. Great deals are offered regularly to help our tanners afford all these great products and see firsthand how well they work!

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A step one lotion produces melanin in your skin and is often marked by the label intensifier. Producing melanin is the first step in the tanning process. When melanin is produced it tends to be a pinker color rather than the dark tan color we want. That’s why we want to alternate it regularly with a step two lotion. A great step one lotion is the HD Fab, which smells good enough to eat and gives you a little sparkle on your skin for the rest of your day.


A step two lotion helps to oxidize or bronze the melanin produced. This results in the dark tanning color we want. Many of these lotions are heavier in bronzers as well but are characterized by their CuO2 ingredient. There ARE step two lotions without excess bronzers for those who shy away from them! My favorite without bronzers is definitely the Cypher Step 2 Pure, because it continues to unlock proteins that produce melanin even after you get out of the tanning bed with the D-Cypher Complex Technology.


We also want to regularly moisturize with a step three lotion. I know I know, Bath and Body Works carry amazing scents for great prices, but so do we! The reason these are essential to the tanning process is that regular lotions usually contain mineral oil and sulfates, which strips the tan off of our skin. I was against the idea at first, but I currently own every single step three lotion we sell, AND I have multiples of some. In order to maintain my current tan, I only need to tan about once a week because I use these products daily. Luminous is my favorite nightly moisturizer because it has a clean scent and I wake up still feeling hydrated. Expose is my favorite for daytime because it makes my skin glow and smells so good I want to eat it!


HELLO your face is the first thing people seeand we all spend a lot more money on products to keep it looking fabulous. The same goes with tanning lotions! The pores on your face are almost three times as small as the pores on your body, so the body lotions don’t properly absorb. Imagine trying to fit a baseball in a golf ball sized hole. Facial lotions are not only made to absorb the right way, but they are packed with anti-aging technology too! Cypher face is my favorite to use inside of the tanning beds because not only does it get my face the darkest with the D-Cypher Complex, but it also helps to improve my skin tone with In2Cell technology. I use HD Famous Face as a regular daily moisturizer as well because it contains an Extra Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid blend which is basically a bad*** anti-aging formula!


Yes, not only do lotions contain sulfates, but so do body washes! Luckily, we carry these as well in great scents for females and males! The HD Mann is my current favorite since it contains an Energen Complex, which helps to invigorate male skin. Male skin is tougher than female skin typically, so it works REALLY well on women too! It wakes me up and leaves me feeling extra clean since it cools the skin.

Okay still don’t believe me? Just look at my tanning before and after pictures (No spray tans involved in the current pictures) and tell me what you think!

Ali Prejean

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