Text Club

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After texting you should receive a reply with a voucher code. Show this code at a participating salon* to get $25 in store credit.


Message and data rates may apply; please check your plan with your carrier. Text STOP to cancel. You will receive up to 4 messages per month from Darque Tan.

$25 credit may be used towards any tanning packages or sessions, spray tanning, lotion, or retail. It may not be used towards monthly membership dues. Federal, State, and/or Local taxes may apply. Cannot be combined with any other promotion, discount, or store credit. Limit once per customer.

NOTE: Not all mobile carriers support short codes. Please check with your carriers to remove any restrictions to your mobile account that may be automatically imposed preventing use of this. If you are having difficulty please contact your carrier or contact us for more information.

*Las Vegas, Dallas, San Antonio, Arizona, and Colorado do not participate in any corporate promotions such as this one. This promotion is not available in these listed markets. Please contact your local salon in these states to find out current deals or promotions.

Please see full Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy applicable to all customers.