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FAQ / How do I cancel my membership?

If you have a non-contract monthly recurring membership, you can easily cancel or evenĀ put it on hold for free by swinging into a location.

It is 100% free to cancel or freeze your account, and only takes a minute.

For your protection we do not make any changes to your account over the phone. You must cancel your account in person by the 10th of the month in order to not be billed (if you cancel after the 10th of the month we will not be able to stop the billing from going through).

Just simply swing by a location before the 10th of the month, let the employee know you’d like to cancel, and they will print out a form for you to sign. You will still be able to tan through the 15th of that month as long as you have a fingerprint security scan on your account.

Note: If you have just signed up and have never been billed before, you must be billed at least one month before your account can be cancelled. Our memberships are monthly memberships, and do require at least one month in order for it to be a monthly membership. This does not apply to contract memberships.


What happens when I cancel? The process only takes a minute to print out the form and is very easy. When you cancel, keep in mind that you will lose any store credit you’ve earned (rewards), and forfeit any member upgrades currently on your account. You can have the upgrades reinstated under a Guest account (non member account) by contacting Customer Service. Please note that non-member accounts deduct sessions from your upgrades at twice the rate (Members get a discount in this area, and if you cancel your membership you will no longer get the member discount). You also may have to pay a startup fee when you return to sign back up. We suggest that you put your account on hold for free to avoid these changes.


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