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Spray Tanning

Which locations have Versa Spa booths?

The below locations are the locations that have Versa Spa booths. All locations have spray tanning. Most locations have a Mystic Tan. Please contact your local salon if you have questions.


NOTE: We are constantly looking to update our salon equipment. Therefore the list below may not represent the newest information and Versa equipment may be available at additional salons not listed. Please contact your local salon to see where the nearest Versa equipment is.


Click the store for address, phone number, and directions.


Boca Raton



Northeastern (Symphony Hall) & Newton/Watertown



Uptown, St. Louis Park, Coon Rapids, Eagan (Cliff Rd.), Roseville, and Woodbury.




Baytown, Pearland, Deer Park, Clear Lake, River Oaks, Midtown, Greenway Plaza-Weslayan, Memorial Drive, Westheimer, Dairy Ashford, Grand Parkway, Bunkerhill, Pinecroft, The Woodlands, Copperfield, Humble, Conroe, 249, and Sugarland.




S. Lamar Blvd, William Cannon Dr, San Marcos, and College Station

How old do I have to be to Spray Tan?

While there are no legal minimum age restrictions for spray tanning, our company policy does not permit anyone under the age of 15 from doing spray tan without a parent or guardian present to directly supervise. Spray tanners of all ages must adhere to safety precautions posted and instructed including use of eyewear, nose filters, etc.

How do I do a spray tan?

If you are just starting out in spray tanning, there’s usually a lot of confusion, misinformation, and worry about making sure you do it just right. If this is you, have no fear. Follow the following links to help you better prepare for your first sunless tan.






Instructional Videos

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Mystic vs. Versa vs Norvell. What’s the difference?

The difference lies in the application process and the viscosity of the solution and the features of the booth.

The Mystic Tan is great for quick, even, full-body coverage. It is our most popular booth and is available at all of our locations nationwide. It supplies quick color that develops over 6-8 hours and lasts up to 5 days.

The Versa Spa is an airbrush-style booth that gives more dramatic, deeper, and richer color that lasts longer. It develops in 4-6 hours and lasts 5-7 days. It also has features such as a heater, a drying function, and an option for moisturizing spray applied after your sunless tan is applied.

The?Norvell Booth?is an airbrush-style booth that is the intersection between custom airbrush and spray booth technology. It?gives the deepest, richest, and longest lasting tan. It develops in 4-6 hours and lasts up to 5-7 days. It also has features such as a drying function, DownDraft? Technology that pulls the mist away from your face and an option for moisturizing spray applied after your sunless tan is applied.

All are extraoridnary options, the absolute best brands in the industry, and will supply even, natural looking results every time.

Do my sessions/packages ever expire?

There are no time dates or expiration dates on packages or sessions purchased. They are there until you use them.

How often should I tan?

This will vary depending on whether you are spray tanning or regular tanning, what your goal color is, and where you’re starting from. Determining your skin type and goals is an important first step. This can be done in the salon by taking a Skin Type Analysis, or via the Darque Tan App for iPhone or Android.

What time do you take your last tan?

To ensure our employees are able to get out of the salon, all of our beds automatically shut off 5 minutes prior to closing. Employees are not permitted to extend this time for customers. Please ensure you arrive with enough time so that the bed does not shut off.

Do you offer airbrush tanning?

We currently do not offer airbrush tanning done by a technician. We do offer VersaSpa & Norvell Auto-Revolution booths which use airbrush technology and give you an even, natural, air-brushed look once applied.