5 Reasons You’re Scared As F*ck to Spray Tan

//5 Reasons You’re Scared As F*ck to Spray Tan

5 Reasons You’re Scared As F*ck to Spray Tan

New things are always hard. The computer tablet was invented in 1968 afterall, but didn’t get traction until 2010! Thanks Apple!

Although endorsed by such celebrities as Megan FoxClaire DanesKaty Perry and more (see 7 celebrity spray tans) we still are scared of…Ross Geller. Yes, the lovable nerd from Friends that had a bad spray tan over 15 years ago.



Much like the original tablet computer from the 60’s, technology has changed and rapidly improved. But that doesn’t stop the naysayers that convince the average health-conscious guy or gal, who like to look good, that their going to be the next oompa-loompa shade of snooki.


That’s because of the BIG O – orange! Who wants to be:



No to duckface. No to orange. We just say no, drop the mic and run away.


Maybe you HAVE done a spray tan, well sort of. You bought the most expensive and BROWNEST bottle at CVS of “Super Hydrating 360 Even Dark Tanning Mist” also known as “Wicked Orange Tanning Juice Packed Full of Chemicals”. You know what’s going to happen to you. But, with your fingers crossed, standing in your shower, reading the directions twice just to make sure and busting out the measuring tape so you can ensure you are EXACTLY 8-10 inches away while spraying and praying it doesn’t come off on your clothes, is even, and is at least a tolerable shade of orange.

Afterwards, you vow to just love being pale (Kristen Stewart looked okay in that movie…oh yeah, but she was a vampire). But wait she was in that other movie pale…oh wait she was playing Snow White), or to just stick to regular tanning, or to visit Sephora for a new color correcting foundation to cover the mistake.


Maybe you’ve had a friend who spray tanned and said they hated it! The nail salon that also had a Mystic booth didn’t do quite the job they were expecting. Even though this is the same friend who can’t manage their own love life, they are an expert in everything else and should therefore be trusted! Maybe not. We kid this random friend of course…we all have those friends though who know everything about everything except how to run their own lives…c’est la vie.


The biggest reason you are scared as f**k to spray tan, is not the color (after all you did trust the Super Mist from CVS with your skin). It is usually the cost and embarrassment. The can was only $8 afterall, and you did it in your own shower. The alternative is really expensive! How much? $40? $50? Well, maybe depending on where you go. But if you’ve never done it you can usually try it for very very cheap ($10 at Darque Tan). Also, memberships are usually around the $40 range for unlimited (about the price you thought it was going to be for just one spray you would get a whole month).

But what about the privacy and embarassment?? I’d rather be home and in my shower as opposed to at a salon! The reality is that a salon has privacy. The automatic booths are in your own room, the booths now talk to you and tell you what to do (Siri now has friends she can hang out with). The difference from your house and the salon is that if you have questions, you can ask someone who spray tans over 400-500 people a month. They know what’s going on, and are easier to ask than a stranger on Yahoo Answers. They can fix problems, ease nervousness, give tips, etc.

Give it a chance and forget the naysayers. We will leave you with this example of one of our favorite celebrities who always looks better with her spray tan glow:


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